Yogendra Raol, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics-Neurology

Clinic (720) 777-6895
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Gender: Male
Languages: English
Department, Section/Division: Pediatrics-Neurology

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Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045
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  • Children's Hospital Colorado

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  • Psychiatry and Neurology - Neurology

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My research involves studying the changes that occur following an insult or an injury and finding a treatment that can prevent or reverse these changes and alleviate injury-induced long-term neurologic disability. The risk of seizures is greatest in the neonatal period. Therefore, my current research studies focus on finding a treatment that can effectively treat neonatal seizures without affecting the normal development. More than 76% of doctors worldwide use phenobarbital as the first treatment option to stop neonatal seizures. However, phenobarbital, which effectively treats seizures in adult patients, is ineffective in treating seizures in more than 50% of neonatal patients. Moreover, early life treatment with phenobarbital has been associated with several detrimental effects including reduced cognitive performance. All available antiepileptic drugs have been developed using adult animal models and tested clinically in adult patients. However, significant differences exist between the developing and mature brain in terms of its anatomy, neurochemistry and electrophysiology. Due to these developmental differences, the immature brain responds differently to insult and treatment than the mature brain. Therefore, to find the most efficacious treatment for early childhood diseases, it is imperative to target age-specific mechanisms and test new therapies in neonatal disease models. In the lab, we are currently testing efficacy of a potassium channel opener to treat neonatal seizures in an animal model. We chose to target potassium channels to treat neonatal seizures because in early-life due to underdeveloped GABA mediated inhibition (phenobarbital mediates its anti-seizure activity by increasing GABA mediated inhibition), potassium channels play an important role in controlling excitation.

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